Direct Pay Biz Review


Here is a Direct Pay Biz review. A great friend of mine, Kevin Waldron, is doing very well in Direct Pay Biz. It is a simple one-time low entry cost of $9 so majority of people won't mind to jump right in. People are breaking even with 1 referral which is a very good selling keypoint. Most programs out there require you to sign up a whole army of people before you can even breakeven.


There are no admin fees at all unlike a lot of the 100% commission programs out there that say 100% commission while requiring you to pay $10+ per month on admin fees.


The 5x4 forced matrix is easy to fill since a lot of people don't mind paying $9. No need to wait to be paid. As soon as someone in downline pays, you earn right away because they pay you directly.


Instead of waiting weeks or a month to get paid, this is for you when you need CASH NOW with Direct Pay Biz


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